"NON HUMAN DEVICE #01" is an audiovisual installation based on Boris Chimp 504's audiovisual live performances.

During a recent exploration to Kepler22b, an exoplanet from the Kepler-16 binary star system, Boris Chimp 504 found some metallic objects on its surface. Though the origin of this object is totally unknown, it's probably a piece of technology from an extraterrestrial civilization. Boris has sent this object in an hyperspace capsule to the Vladivostok Space Center, on Earth.

It is believed that it's a part of a machine, a mechanism or a device of some kind. Recent investigations on the object lead to believe that it is an interface to control the position and orientation in space and time of something bigger, a spaceship maybe.
The device responds to touch, and generates an electric magnetic field that interferes with audiovisual signals and causes space-time distortions.

In this public installation, the audience will have the opportunity to interact with this “Non Human-Machine Device”, and experience the effects that it causes to audiovisual signals and space-time orientation.


Kepler22b Report #01 / #02 / #03 BC504:
Boris is currently 600 light years away, exploring the Kepler-22b, an exoplanet from the Kepler-16 binary star system.These are the first pictures from Kepler's surface


Kepler22b Report #04 / #05 BC504:
Unknown objects on Kepler22b surface. Four similar metal pieces, each one with 10x5cm. Will be sent in a space capsule to Vladivostok Space Center laboratory on planet earth for further analysis.


Kepler22b Report #06 BC504:
The space capsule has successfully arrived to Vladivostok Space Laboratory. Preliminary tests reveal that each one of the metal pieces have a strong electromagnetic field. Some lab equipment malfunctions have occurred since the arrival of this unknown objects, which makes it imperative for a deeper analysis for an extended knowledge.

Non Human Device is part of the Boris Chimp 504 Space-Time adventures.
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